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A new generation

Welcome to our little grandson, Scottie Leon Ficke.  He was born on Aug 26th, 2010 bouncing in at an even 7 lbs.  Mom and dad are doing fine, a little overwhelmed but are really good parents.  He slept 6 hours last night, letting mom and dad catch up on some sleep! We are just ecstatic about this new generation and wishing Shannon and Jason happiness as they continue to bond with their new son!


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New beginnings

Wow!  I didn’t realize just how much time passed since I last posted.  I’ll try to catch you up to speed.

I’ve done with my first year of classes.  I’ve done really well, and am quite impressed, even though a couple of courses caused me grief.  My marks range from A to B+  as my lowest.  This next and last year will tell the tale.  I’ve got accounting to go through yet.  hahahaha!

Our grandbaby is due any day now.  I’ll post a picture when the baby is born.  It’s exciting and we’ve totally accepted the fact that we will be grandparents, though I haven’t really gotten used to the title.  I guess that will take as long as the title “Mom” did…still trying that on for size…hmmm

Things have changed a little around our place.  Hubby is now a certified (nut) security professional. He took a week course, passed, and is now qualified as a guard.  He has a certificate and bought a license and may have a job starting soon.  I applied for what seems like a zillion jobs, had 2 interviews and as of this morning landed a part time job at the local newspaper office.  I worked here years ago, collating, but now will be learning about the front office.  I will learn about how the paper is put together, and since I had to submit 2 pieces of my writing (which they seemed really interested in) I’m hoping to get a writing job out of it.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  That may be wishful thinking..but hey…one can dream, right?

The past year or so, hubby and I grew apart in our relationship.  It was getting so bad, that we were living separate lives, and were contemplating separating.  After a long talk, we realized where the problem lay, and found each other again.  This is the real reason for my absence.  I fell in love again with my husband.  We spend time together, snuggling, smiling and just enjoying each others company.  After almost 28 years together, it feels like the beginning of a new relationship.  It’s wonderful to be able to hold each other, and enjoy being with each other again.  Others have noticed a difference in us, haven’t said anything, but our happiness is infectious.  It feels good!  So if I don’t spend a lot of time, here, I hope  you’ll understand.  I’m spending time with my growing family and my new life.


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It’s Saturday…

Well it’s saturday and thought I’d better post something or everyone will think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Well, no, I haven’t. My days are just so routine, I don’t have a lot to write about.  It looks and feels like winter now, it was -10 C this morning.  brrrrrr! we have some snow and it looks like it may snow again.

I’ve been dealing with the iritis again, and while it isn’t as bad as the first time (those of you may remember what it was like for me  at that time!), it’s still just as annoying. It’s been over a year since the first attack, and I was a little surprised when the opthamologist said it was back.  I had a feeling when I was in Prince George as everything was all blurry when i tried to read the road signs.  I just figured I was tired as I did get up at 4 am travelled 6 hours, went to a funeral, visited then left at 10 am the next morning.  A week later, i had a scheduled appt with the opth. and lo and behold, the pain was coming back as well as the cloudy vision. Yep, it’s back. Good timing on my part for having an appointment anyway!

So that’s that news, I’m here…studying, my grades are showing me how hard I work, while I know they aren’t perfect, I’m pulling off 80-90% marks which is good in my opinion! I’m learning something!

Through all the snow, cold, and medical things, I’m still smiling and plan to keep that way. I fall down and I get right back up. Or at least try to. That’s my plan!


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Bad blogger

Here I am. Finally. I’m not making no excuses, I am what I am, and will do what I do.  LOL  So here I am.  It’s been a while and let me see if I can catch you up a little bit on what’s happening.

Studying is going good. Just started another course, ended another. Think I’m doing okay, Business english is a lot of relearning and learning rules of good grammar writing.  When I get back into my writing, I hopefully will apply these rules to that end.  hahah. Well I can dream on that end, I’m sure.

I went to Prince George a couple of weeks ago for a very quick visit, and back home the next day.  Was nice to see family, even though it was a very sad reason to gather.  I stayed with my brother, and we had a good visit, though I did fall asleep on his couch rather early! I drove up with an aunt I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, and I saw her more than anyone else. What a really nice lady. She was married to my dad’s brother (who I hate to say is a real jerk, but I won’t go into that one!) but I still call her auntie this many dozen years later.  She deserves that respect, my uncle doesn’t.

Then back to reality.  Birthdays, and day to day things that never seem to end.  I helped move the employment office from one location to another and getting settled into that volunteer position quite nicely. When they need more than a couple hours, they tend to give me gas gift cards which is really quite helpful plus let me do whatever faxing and printing that I need to do with school.  It’s a really nice place to be and I enjoy it a lot. I’ve hinted I want a part time job there for the summer, so we’ll see what happens.

Let me see what else?  Not much else, just seem to float from one day to the next, just trying to enjoy each day as it comes.  There are so many little things that happen of not much importance, so I won’t write about them. I just wanted to let you know I’m still here, still doing the things I want and now that we had a taste of winter, it has made me realize that I went through a lot of changes in the last year.  We’ve hit our rock bottom this year, so it’s all going to be uphill from here.

Now if I can get other people to see what I feel.. :>)


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Well it’s been a year since I became unemployed. So many changes in our lives both mental and physical.  Many appointments and life changing decisions later, we have somewhat decided where we are going and what are goals are. We are still under some mental stress, but I’m hoping one or way or another it will be solved.

This year has been a year of saying goodbyes. From family to friends to coworkers, it’s been hard. I’m off to say goodbye to my aunt on friday morning to Prince George. This aunt was my dad’s closest sister, Laurie Collagethe one we spent a lot of time with. Her oldest daughter was the one I met this summer after a 35 year separation.  I will see her sister but not her brother.   My aunt had dementia and has been in the PG Long Term home for the last 10 years.  The pictures here are how I remember her, lively, with her animals, and just being herself. The last time I had seen her, was the day after my dad passed away but I’ll always treasure the time we spent with her, whether it was camping, at her many houses in Vernon, Kamloops, Clearwater and in Fort St. James, or just driving around in our little Datsun.  It was quite a shock to hear of her passing. So a quick trip to Prince George and a quick visit with my brother and home saturday.  Should be interesting

So what else have I been up to? Let me see, volunteering, school is taking up a lot of my time. Shannon has been home and in Barriere, and is now moving to Alberta for the winter.  I don’t know if she knows what she’s doing, I guess it’s the flying the coop thing. No definite plan, just go from here to there but I do know she’s getting tired of moving!

Well I think I’ve caught you up, sorry I haven’t been around too much, I promise to TRY write once a week and say hello:)  Now off to open my books and learn more English and more computer stuff. See I’m still smiling  :>)

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Well it’s been a tough weekend,  but I made it.  Since Thursday, I spent every waking hour catching up on my Business English class.  I learned about how to use a dictionary, parts of speech, and how to make proper sentences. Well now, you probably can’t tell from this post if my writing has changed to the better, but I figured it’s my blog and I’ll write like I want but good grammar may sneak in there.  hahaha.

On Friday I spent a few hours at my volunteer job as I really needed a break from nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs (Have you ever dreamed of the parts of speech???) . I had a discussion with both the lady I work with and one of the employment counsellors who are convincing me to open my own business in resume writing. I’ve learned how to write professional ones and find that I’m enjoying it. I like learning about the different jobs out there, how to make it look like something someone is going to read.  There is a program called Reach Back which will teach you how to start your own business and fund you, I think, for 2 years. With my schooling now, which will include website design and desktop publishing, I will be able to branch out into other things like making brochures and pamphlets for businesses.  I can probably design advertisements and put together banners and posters.  Lots of ideas.

Well, I guess I’ve fooled around enough this morning. It’s monday, Erin is home today because of a Pro-D day (Professional Development) and it’s cold!  I have to find my electric heater so that I don’t have to use the oil furnace. BRRRR Fall is here!  :>)

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Changes are good!

Here I am at the new site, wondering what I should post.  It’s all new, new paint, new carpeting, new view.  I am one that doesn’t deal well with changes, but with so much happening in my life, I have adapted. Changes are good, gives you new insight on things. It makes one feel motivated, happier, and generally puts one in a great mood. Something I need at the moment.

So welcome to my new home. Make yourself at home, grab a beverage, a snack, and pull up a chair. Welcome to my all new, updated and hopefully insightful, quirky blog. I’m here to stay…for a while…


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