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Newer Beginnings

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged anything.  My life since last year has taken some unexpected twists and turns and while the year is still young, I’m still a little muddled at where this path is going to take me next.

Where to start.  Scottie is now a year and a half old.  He continues to be a constant source of joy for me and his parents.  It is simply amazing watching him grow from being a little baby into a toddler.  He is walking…no running…and climbing all over the place.  He is starting to speak and has wicked temper tantrums when he doesn’t get what he’s asking for.  He calls me “amma” and says “hi ya” “ee ya” (see ya) gives wonderful hugs and is just a big ham.  As you can tell I love him to death.  I have had the opportunity to babysit a few times, I think I’m suited for the role of Grandma!  Love it!

Erin is now in 12th grade, and is looking forward to Graduation.  She is still quiet and our bookworm, but hopefully soon she will be working and coming out of her shell somewhat in the next year.

As for me, in June I finished my 2 year program, and in August I found myself living in Kamloops, renting a room from a childhood friend.  By Sept, I found that my husband decided he didn’t want to move here with me, so now I’m separated, and making it permanent, I guess soon.  Life is full of surprises.  I am enjoying being in the city, lots of things to see and do.  I am hardly ever home, whether it be looking for work, shopping or just visiting with my adopted family.  I’ve made a few friends but I do miss my family.  Oh heck, I miss Clearwater, but not the boring life I led before.  At least now, I get out, take the bus downtown, sit in the park (when it’s warmer) or just go for a walk somewhere.

Let me see, what else can I catch you up on?  I guess that’s about it…Oh I am on a work trial for 30 days at a local retirement home, am enjoying it!  I am doing a bit of administration work as well as receptionist and kitchen work.  Answering the phones, and the door and building databases are part of my main duties.  No work is offered after this, but I figure it’s something else I can add on my resume as well as the experience which is something I can not give back!  LOL

So, I enjoy life one day at a time, take it as it thrown to me, and hopefully I don’t spiral out of control.  I’m doing okay with my good days outnumbering the bad days but I still have them.  I will be okay.  Yes there is a reason I am sure for this, but I will persevere.  I have to. I have 2 lovely daughters, a son-in-law and a grandson to love.  I will be okay.  Yes I will  🙂


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*A smile is just a smile, but a smile from the heart can change someone’s day. So smile like you mean it. You never know who you will have an impact on today*

I love this quote I got off facebook this morning.  I often go into the status shuffle and pick a quote or a funny little saying.  I admit some of them are just so disgusting that I frequently pass them by, but this one hit me this morning.

I like to smile, makes a day feel so good!  Yes, I have my down days, and quite a few of them I might add, but it makes my day when I see my girls smile even for fleeting second.  And it makes me feel extra special when I see my husband smile.  He has had some really hard times, and I do all I can to make him happy.  He’s a good man, deserves a whole lot better, but he’s getting better. We’ve had 27 years together and things are good.

Anyway…smiling is good for all of us, young and old, big and small. So smile a little smile or a big smile, it’ll really make you feel good and you will make another, who may or may not be having a good day, feel so much better!

:>) :>) :>) :>)

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Life, everyday

Well what can I say that I haven’t already?  The weather has been phenomenal, love the sun, but the storms are crazy.  No thunderstorms, which is strange for this time of year, but lots of wind, rain and hail when it does fall.  It was a really dry winter, and people are predicting a hot summer. Who knows, no one can really tell, can they? Oh I know if we look to nature, to the animals especially, we’ll find that the signs are there but I’m just not that nature savvy.  My cat is shedding more than usual, is that a sign?  I have read about the geese and know that if they fly high up in the air in autumn, that it means to be a warm winter, and if they fly low, it means a long cold winter.  Or is it the other way around?  See, I read but don’t remember.  Something about animals fur too, if it’s thicker, means colder weather.  Hmmm…do I really want to go pet a bear?  I think not!

Back to the real world and me!  haha I got my hair cut on Saturday, still taking a bit to get used to, but I like it.  Short hair is good for a lot of things. Easier to take care of, just wash and go. I like that. Long hair is too high maintenance for me.  School is going, learning that web design and maintenance, haven’t actually designed anything yet, but soon!  My grades are in the high 80 mark range.  So am pretty happy with that! I’m actually learning something!

Grand-parenthood is slowly creeping yet, Shannon’s at the 6 month mark now, and is looking forward to being a mother.  Jason is a typical 20 year old boy, wanting toys and not quite sure of being a father.  Terry says that is typical of men, and I sort of remember of all the differences coming out when our girls were small. Oh here’s a picture of our grandbaby (I refer to the baby as he..maybe I’m wishfully thinking?):

He’s a very active baby, much like his mother and is always kicking here, which is what he was doing here.  But he’s there and he’s real and he’ll be here before we know it!

Hmmm..What else can I tell ya?  Not a whole lot.  Life just goes down its usual bumps and turns and an occasional fork but I think maybe..just maybe things are looking up for us.  We’ll see what happens. We take it one day at a time and hope things turn out for the best.  That’s all we can do, right?  Oh and keep on smiling despite how lousy some days look!  :>)

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News and stuff

It’s Saturday and will be going out shortly but wanted to update you on my life this week.  I’ve been a little down in the mouth (let’s blame it on hormones, gotta love them, right?) but things are looking a little better. My books will arrive on Monday, but too late for my accounting course.  I have withdrawn out of both accounting classes, and will fill the space with some other course.  I’m a little peeved, but oh well, things will work out for the better, I’m sure.  I have a better course of action next semester, due to a very kind lady and friend at the office who offered to use her credit card to fund the books.  To say i am taken aback is an understatement. I may not use her, but the thought that she offered is there and very much appreciated.

Onto other news in my life. In late August, I will become a grandma for the first time. Yep. I said it. I’ll be a grandma. I found out on Thursday, and the news is finally sinking in. It still doesn’t seem real, probably won’t till I see that bundle of joy. Shannon and Jason are happy though it came at the wrong time for them, just starting out and all, but hey, isn’t that how most people start?  At least she isn’t 15  and she seems pretty mature about the whole thing. I keep hoping we taught her well enough to handle a baby, herself and a spouse all at the same time. She is planning on settling down, finally, and are talking about getting a house either close or up north where the job is.  Selfish me wants them here where I can watch the baby grow, but practical me knows that they should be up there closer to work.  They will be here in May for 4 months while Jason goes to school for his next welding ticket then back to Fort MacMurray to work.  But she’ll be here for the baby to be born, which is just wonderful!

Well that’s all my news for now.  My posts will probably be filled with baby this..baby that…but hey…I’m cool with that! Hope you won’t get too bored!


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It’s sunday.  Again. Everyone’s sleeping. Still.  So I decided to write something on the blog. Again.  What to write?

School has started without me as I’m waiting for books.  Again.  Sigh.  This agency is slow in dealing out the money, but I can understand. I have to be patient because according to the employment counsellor, I’m very lucky to have any funding at all!  There have been cutbacks and some people didn’t get their next semester paid for or they lost the funding for the rent of the computer room at the campus.  I’m so glad I decided to stay at home.  It makes things easier for me and for them. It saves gas money to travel the 10 km to the campus. It saves rent money for them.  All they do basically is pay for books, some supplies and tuition.  I can live with that.  But it’s the waiting to get the books that’s hurting me.  I’m losing marks as I sit here and wait. Oh I tried finding someone that would have the text I need until I get mine, but I couldn’t find anyone.  Sigh, so here I sit. Weekends are great for doing school work as I tend to find the days long and boring. So hoping by tuesday I will get the books I need!

What else is new? While everyone else is suffering from the cold and snow, our weather has been very springlike. It’s January, supposed to be cold and snowy.  The muddy weather has returned a month and a half early, but I don’t expect it stay. They are calling for wet snow, or just snow showers for the week, so the weather has cooled down some.  El Nino strikes again!

Well not much, been blogging so much lately, it’s been nice!  Hope I can keep up the trend. hehehehe..


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Well, 2009 went out with a real bang. December is just a blur, ending with a death, a proposal and lots of celebration in between. I do hope 2010 will be a little less busy, but busy is nice too.

Along comes with the new year, there are people making resolutions. Resolutions are things that you want to accomplish in the year. I don’t make these as they always fall through before January is gone. Me, I set goals for myself. This year, I have decided to manage my time a little bit better. I tend to spread myself too thin, always promising to do this and that. I never seem to accomplish what I promise to do even with my good intentions. With that said, I am going to make a list (See, Judy, I’m learning something about organization from you!) putting all my goals in order of importance.  Lists and I don’t really belong together, because I tend not to look at them.  I think I need a little help in this area. I don’t want lists running my life,  so maybe this is why I rely on my memory.

My other goal is to change my eating habits. I realize now just how much junk food I actually eat, probably a holdover from my teens where I could devour most anything and not gain any weight.  So is the time to eat better, healthy food plus get out and exercise more.  I told Terry we will go for a walk every day during the week starting out small and working to longer walks.  We need to, as I’m working in front of the computer every day with my schooling, I need to exercise. Hopefully we can find something we like to do together.

December brought a engagement proposal for Shannon and her boyfriend. They have not set any date as of yet, as they need to save money for their large wedding.  They both have a fair amount of relatives they want to invite.  Should be fun and emotional too. Another change in our lives.  No one told me when you have children you go through these different stages in your life and I never figured it would be so emotional.  Le sigh!

Well this is my blog for now, I wish for you to have a happy and prosperous  2010.


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Well it’s that time again to catch you up.  Let me see, where to begin?  I know, at the beginning..Well I was born…No, no, not that far back, silly, just go back to the last post! Oh well..here we go, I guess :>)

It’s been a little different these last few weeks. Things keep changing from day to day and week to week, I really don’t have time to breathe and take in the next change. Our girls are growing up and learning new things, mainly how to survive in this world of ours. Shannon is still moving back and forth, and I’m hoping she’s settling down a tad, she’s realizing she just can’t keep moving back and forth. She wants to go back to school, get a job, but still not sure what she wants to do.  Her and Jason were involved a minor accident this winter, they weren’t hurt, thank God, but it was enough for them to realize that winter can be dangerous. Shannon said she’d only feel safe in a tank now!  How she made it to Alberta, I’ll never know, but she’s there, where it’s been snowing like mad and windy since they arrived there.

School for both Erin and me is going all right. Erin is getting very stressed out with school, trying to do well and having things fall back on her face.  She is my quiet one, and very much a book worm, but grade 10 is becoming somewhat of a challenge for her. She’s growing up, learning new things, and sometimes the things that she says and does, brings tears to my eyes. She’s no longer my baby but a beautiful young woman with a lot to offer the world.

I’m on the final leg of this first semester of my program. I’m all settled up for next semester which is going to prove to be a challenge.  Accounting, Keyboarding and spreadsheets are all on tap for me next semester. Can I do it? Time will tell!

My eyes are behaving themselves, but when I went back to get my prescription renewed for my blood pressure, I had to get the usual blood tests.  I received a phone call 2 days later from the clinic saying the doctor would like to see me about a follow up on the tests. Oh oh..this can’t be good, I told Terry. So with my heels dragging to the dr’s office, I am told that I need to cut out sugar and fatty foods. It seems my blood sugar is a little high as is my cholestrol. Sure…..right at the all important Christmas season, where food is abundant!  But I am proud of myself (with a few reminders from my husband and a lady at work) I left all the food alone that was set out for the open house at the Employment Centre. Cake was set out in front of me, and Helen said..Nope..take it away, she can’t have it. Sigh. With people like that, How can I eat anything?  LOL

Terry is doing well, getting really bored, though, with not working. He will be taking some tests on Monday to see what he is capable of doing, what the govt can do to help him with education and the like.  I’m hoping for good things for him. He needs positive reinforcement with his life, and we both try to give each other that. He deserves some kind of goodness now.  We look out for each other, encouraging each other constantly. I’m sure if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  He takes care of me in his own way, watching what I eat, when I don’t feel quite right, he’s understanding and takes over.  And I do the same for him. I guess that’s love, eh?  LOL

So lifestyle changes once again. The New Year will be different, no resolutions except to keep chugging along, and one day something good will come out of all this. I keep smiling and laughing as only I can.  :>)

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