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*A smile is just a smile, but a smile from the heart can change someone’s day. So smile like you mean it. You never know who you will have an impact on today*

I love this quote I got off facebook this morning.  I often go into the status shuffle and pick a quote or a funny little saying.  I admit some of them are just so disgusting that I frequently pass them by, but this one hit me this morning.

I like to smile, makes a day feel so good!  Yes, I have my down days, and quite a few of them I might add, but it makes my day when I see my girls smile even for fleeting second.  And it makes me feel extra special when I see my husband smile.  He has had some really hard times, and I do all I can to make him happy.  He’s a good man, deserves a whole lot better, but he’s getting better. We’ve had 27 years together and things are good.

Anyway…smiling is good for all of us, young and old, big and small. So smile a little smile or a big smile, it’ll really make you feel good and you will make another, who may or may not be having a good day, feel so much better!

:>) :>) :>) :>)


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It’s Monday once again. Just what does that mean?  hmmm…good question. Monday just another day of the week.  Or is it?  Monday is the beginning of a new week. A day notorious for Murphy’s law. If anything out of the ordinary happens, it usually does on a Monday. Why is that?  Are we so relaxed from the weekend, that we are not aware what’s happening?  Do we just not want the weekend to end?  hmmm…I don’t know why, but today it seems hard to wake up, to get into the routine of school, life and everyday things.  Well it could be that it’s still early.  It could be that it’s sunny out. It could be that I still want the laziness of the weekend to carry on through today and beyond.  Yep. Mondays.  Yawn.  It’s time to get cracking…or is it?


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