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*A smile is just a smile, but a smile from the heart can change someone’s day. So smile like you mean it. You never know who you will have an impact on today*

I love this quote I got off facebook this morning.  I often go into the status shuffle and pick a quote or a funny little saying.  I admit some of them are just so disgusting that I frequently pass them by, but this one hit me this morning.

I like to smile, makes a day feel so good!  Yes, I have my down days, and quite a few of them I might add, but it makes my day when I see my girls smile even for fleeting second.  And it makes me feel extra special when I see my husband smile.  He has had some really hard times, and I do all I can to make him happy.  He’s a good man, deserves a whole lot better, but he’s getting better. We’ve had 27 years together and things are good.

Anyway…smiling is good for all of us, young and old, big and small. So smile a little smile or a big smile, it’ll really make you feel good and you will make another, who may or may not be having a good day, feel so much better!

:>) :>) :>) :>)


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Life, everyday

Well what can I say that I haven’t already?  The weather has been phenomenal, love the sun, but the storms are crazy.  No thunderstorms, which is strange for this time of year, but lots of wind, rain and hail when it does fall.  It was a really dry winter, and people are predicting a hot summer. Who knows, no one can really tell, can they? Oh I know if we look to nature, to the animals especially, we’ll find that the signs are there but I’m just not that nature savvy.  My cat is shedding more than usual, is that a sign?  I have read about the geese and know that if they fly high up in the air in autumn, that it means to be a warm winter, and if they fly low, it means a long cold winter.  Or is it the other way around?  See, I read but don’t remember.  Something about animals fur too, if it’s thicker, means colder weather.  Hmmm…do I really want to go pet a bear?  I think not!

Back to the real world and me!  haha I got my hair cut on Saturday, still taking a bit to get used to, but I like it.  Short hair is good for a lot of things. Easier to take care of, just wash and go. I like that. Long hair is too high maintenance for me.  School is going, learning that web design and maintenance, haven’t actually designed anything yet, but soon!  My grades are in the high 80 mark range.  So am pretty happy with that! I’m actually learning something!

Grand-parenthood is slowly creeping yet, Shannon’s at the 6 month mark now, and is looking forward to being a mother.  Jason is a typical 20 year old boy, wanting toys and not quite sure of being a father.  Terry says that is typical of men, and I sort of remember of all the differences coming out when our girls were small. Oh here’s a picture of our grandbaby (I refer to the baby as he..maybe I’m wishfully thinking?):

He’s a very active baby, much like his mother and is always kicking here, which is what he was doing here.  But he’s there and he’s real and he’ll be here before we know it!

Hmmm..What else can I tell ya?  Not a whole lot.  Life just goes down its usual bumps and turns and an occasional fork but I think maybe..just maybe things are looking up for us.  We’ll see what happens. We take it one day at a time and hope things turn out for the best.  That’s all we can do, right?  Oh and keep on smiling despite how lousy some days look!  :>)

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It’s Monday once again. Just what does that mean?  hmmm…good question. Monday just another day of the week.  Or is it?  Monday is the beginning of a new week. A day notorious for Murphy’s law. If anything out of the ordinary happens, it usually does on a Monday. Why is that?  Are we so relaxed from the weekend, that we are not aware what’s happening?  Do we just not want the weekend to end?  hmmm…I don’t know why, but today it seems hard to wake up, to get into the routine of school, life and everyday things.  Well it could be that it’s still early.  It could be that it’s sunny out. It could be that I still want the laziness of the weekend to carry on through today and beyond.  Yep. Mondays.  Yawn.  It’s time to get cracking…or is it?


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I think I’ve written about this before. Inspiration. If so, I guess it bears repeating. So bear with me if it sounds familiar, it’s just me,  Just where does it come from and what  can we do with it?

Good question. Inspiration comes from all kinds of sources.  You can find inspiration for writing in blogs (yeah that’s why I write here) or writing for blogs, stories, tv shows, nature, or life itself.  I need inspiration, sometimes, to cook something new or to start a new project.  I get inspired by watching people do everyday things like shopping, walking the dog, or just chatting to someone.  Chatting to someone about how they do the laundry, or pay the bills, inspires me to do things differently then I normally do them.  Inspiration comes in all sizes and shapes.  Just look it’s there somewhere, maybe hiding under a rock, a bridge, or even…gasp…under the bed with the dust bunnies (oh..maybe that’s where all the plot bunnies went too!)

This blog was inspired by a friend who just mentioned the word inspiration…hmmmm…see where it got me? It inspired me to post!  Maybe…just maybe…I’ve inspired something in you?


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It’s been a quiet week, nothing too interesting or eventful happened this week.  My hard classes are ending this week, and I have 3 left for this semester.  I’m so enjoying this education stuff, even if it does get frustrating at times.  But if it didn’t challenge me, I’d be bored stiff, I’m sure.  I’m flirting with the idea of opening my own business, but I’m not sure if it’s going to make me the money I want at the moment.  hmmmm…decisions…decisions….I’ve applied for parttime jobs and summer jobs, but I haven’t found anything yet.  So in my extra free time I’ve been writing. I’m writing articles, written a couple of “ficlets” and just trying to get ideas. The volunteering is going well still, slowing down quite a bit, but they like to have me come in and “work” learning new and fun stuff like shredding, answering phones, sticking labels on folders…You know real exciting office work.  But I’m thinking this is where I want to stay, helping people on computers, showing them how to write resumes, etc.  I have always liked people, but in big groups, or even small groups, I get really overwhelmed. I think this is why I don’t do store clerking, or bank tellering (hehehe…I made up a new word!  Gotta love that) so I’ll stick where it’s quiet, and people seem to like what they’re doing. This is what I need.  It’s not quite as overwhelming and I’m gaining the confidence I need!

Well it is Sunday, am wondering what to do on this nice day, maybe write some more, we’ll see.  My eyes are behaving themselves, but still have some pain in my right eye which absolutely drives me nuts.  Nothing can be done except heal the symptoms and hope it goes away on it’s one.  Yeah, that’s fun, never knowing if this will be the last attack or not. I try to keep a stiff upper lip but sometimes it’s hard not to whine and complain. BUT I have to remember there are people worse off than me.  I’m lucky, I still have my sight and I thank God every day for that.  Okay enough whining. Need to smile, and be happy.


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It’s sunday, and not sunny rather foggy and dreary. The last day of the Olympics, I’ll be watching the Gold medal game between the U.S and Canada..GO CANADA GO!  (he he..couldn’t resist)  In my mind, the Olympics have been a great success minus the bad beginning but we seemed to have pulled together to make a record breaking sporting event..no not event..competition! They are great!

I’m going to take minute here and  reflect a bit on our friend, Linda.  I am the kind of person who keeps things inside, who doesn’t like to talk about how I feel unless I write it down. Ask my husband, he’ll tell you, I’m too withdrawn at times for my own good.  Linda knew this, and she had a way of drawing me out and letting me vent anytime. She was special that way. Her love for animals, especially dogs and horses, just spilled over and you can’t help but love them too.  I will always miss her gentle ways, but for now, I will grieve, pull out the wonderful memories and read her replies when I feel low for they always picked me up.  I will not close off the link to her blog, her last happy post will be there for me to smile and know that at least she was appreciated for the love of writing and the West she loved so.

Shannon will be here for a week, it’ll be nice to see her.  She hasn’t been well lately, pregnancy, morning sickness, and just nerves taking its toll on here. I feel the need to take care of her right now. So to have her here will be great. My cat, on the other hand, will not like it because of her cat will be here too. Can anyone say territorial rights?  I have a feeling there will be scrapping, hissing and growling..hehehe. There’s lots of excitement around here this week.  Anyone want to join in the fun?  LOL

This is it for today. Needed to write and write I did.  I am smiling despite the tears that flow, and soon it’ll slow then stop, the tears, not the smile. :>)

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Seems to me that everything gets put on hold when you hear of somebody, close or not, passing away.  I have been on “hold” since Sunday but I think it’s time to start writing here again.  Or at least try.

School this semester has been testing my will. I mean really testing, from the beginning.  From late texts, to withdrawing and grabbing new courses, and struggling to keep up the marks.  I think I’m doing it. My typing (keyboarding nowadays..old school I am) is up in the 60 to 70 wpm range. Depends on the day and the hour.  I am also taking spreadsheets and Database. Both programs I have worked with before when I worked in a small office years ago. It’s changed but still the same.  I’m struggling with the spreadsheets, and I think I’m slowly getting it. It’s really hard at this age to go back to school (or in my case, go to “homeschool”) and keep up a steady pace. I am doing well, I just checked my 2 day project for database and only missed a perfect score by 3 marks.  I’m pretty proud of myself for that.  All those hours I put in are paying off.

Terry and I are trying to get fit. The weather has been cooperating and we’ve been walking about 2 km every day or at least every other day.  We are eating healthier, lots of healthy muffins, fruits and vegetables.  I told him the other day that I could easily turn into a health food nut.  (no pun intended, really!) We are going to pull out the bikes soon and start pedalling around.  Looking forward to that. Usually in summer, the girls and I will play badminton (well we just hit the birdie around for a while), kick a soccer ball, and go for walks.

Hmmm..what else can I say?  Not a whole lot, it is just day by day, how we live, planning for our future, now that it looks like maybe something good will happen in the next couple of years.

All in all, we need to keep smiling, no matter what life throws at us.  I know I’m trying. :>)

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